Beans are herbaceous and nutritious legumes. It is recommended for those who cannot eat meat, as it contains a high amount of protein. It gives energy, is good for mental and
physical fatigue.

Dermason White Beans (8mm)
Dermason White Beans (9mm)
Tchali White Beans (8mm)
Tchali White Beans (10mm)
Jumbo White Beans
White Pea Beans
Redondo Beans
Alubia White Beans
Red Beans (Kyrgyzstan)
Red Beans (Mexico)
Black Beans
Sira White Beans



Shipping Types
Product Packing Unit Net Weight (KG) Container Quantity Net Weight (KG)
For All Legumes Bags 25 Kg 20′
Without Pallet
1,000 Bags 25,000 Kg
25 Kg 40′
Without Pallet
1,000 – 1,080 Bags 25,000 – 27,000 Kg