Sayer date is divided in 3 categories of Jumbo, Normal, and Small. Sayer is uniform there are various kinds of Sayer in the market including pitted & unpitted

Kabkab Date is long in size, and the color varies from light brown to dark Brown.. This date is used in pitted or unpitted form

Mazafati is a soft, sweet, and fleshy date of medium size (7-9 g weight and 2.5-4.5 cm length).

Piarom date is semi dried with moisture under %15 and it is available in Jumbo or norma I forms. The textu re of th is type is fleshy and the color is dark brown.

Zahedi’s bright golden color, glossy skin, mild sweet taste make this type of date a popular choice for the customers worldwide

Khasouei date is categorized as small size in date’s classification, its length is between 1.5 to 2 cm and it is more oval shape with dark yellowish or light brown color depending on cultivation site.